Choosing a Blog Name: Two WordPressers Share Their Stories

Well I was thinking of creating another blog.. so with my excitements really really high.. I go to my wordpress dashboard.. With shaky fingers I hit the “create another blog” option.. then it ask me to enter my new blog’s name… and dyarraaaan!
My whole world collapse.

I do feel envy to those bloggers who can easily come up with a cool blog name cause I really struggled a lot when it comes to naming my blog. I have to do a lot of mental wrestling.. just to get one ohh at least one good name… and to my dismay.. that one name that took me days of thinking is already taken. Oh crap! Thank you life!

So if you’re just like me.. I think this post might help you do the trick.

The Blog

You’ve been thinking about starting a new blog, but you’re just not sure of one thing: what to name it. WordPressers around the world wrestle with this very important question and over at The Daily Post, we’ve been sharing the secrets behind how bloggers choose to name their online home. Today, we’re excited about sharing the backstory behind two blogs and how they got their names.

Flights. Camera. Satisfaction.


Ben Whittard is a British expat living in Switzerland who documents his travels in photography at Flights. Camera. Satisfaction.

“I love how photography has changed the way I see the world. When I have a camera in my hands I feel closer to the environment, closer to people and more connected to everything I see,” says Ben. “Combined with a love of travel, I really could not be more satisfied! My writing focuses on the places I’ve been, how…

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