No More Luv Books Please…!

Just yesterday, I decided to stop reading romantic novels, well maybe stop is not the right term, but as much as possible I’ll try to pick more inspirational or fictional or adventure books now. I am not a man hater, and I completely believe on the power of love but I just realized that by reading and reading romance novels, my brain is starting to create unrealistic expectations about romance.
I’m starting to create standards that are far from “reachable” and build my own definition of a perfect love, and what a perfect lover should be.

Lets face it, everything we consumed from media (books, movies, TV shows, and etc) had led us to create false visions about love.
When I started reading romance novels, and watch romantic movies, and even read romantic mangas, I started fantasizing about guys that I don’t think really exist at all. I set myself to search for this perfect guy, with the perfect hair, with the perfect attitude, with the perfect style, and a perfect smile, with angst, some one who is cool, with humor, smart, successful, gentleman, tall, killer looks, kind, and the perfection list goes on and on and on..

But then I just realized that..  I am not perfect, so how can I expect someone else to be?
And sometimes what we want is not what we need… Humor can’t provide you food, smart ass can’t keep you warm at night, and success cannot determine happiness.

Here’s a phrase to remember..


True love is not about finding the perfect person, it is seeing an imperfect person perfectly

(I don’t make sense at all.. so stop reading this crap!!)

Lab Ju!